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  1. Well what can I say, it certainly was an eye opener. On October 1st I attended a talk by Richard D Hall at the Ebbw Vale Institute, Ebbw Vale, South Wales. Firstly I must say that the venue itself was great, a very nice building and very friendly staff, a credit to Ebbw Vale.

    The talk itself started at 7.30 and continued until 10.15 with a question and answer session at the end. I must admit that I was unable to stay for the question and answer section as I had a prior engagement. The cost of the talk was only £ 5 and that must be the best value evening event of its kind.

    The talk was made up of 2 sections, section 1 was about various conspiracy theories and section 2 was a brief talk about UFOs, abductions, animal mutilations and crop circles. I will admit that I am not one for conspiracy theories and that my main interest is obviously section 2 with regards to UFOs, which to my disappointment was the shorter of the two sections.

    Section 1 talked about how the world media is controlled. Everyone knows that the media is controlled by its own government, each countries media will report the news in different ways .i.e. take Libya for instance. Our news reports on the struggle of the “freedom fighters” while Libya’s state news reports on the savagery of the terrorists and atrocities carried out by NATO.

    But according to Richard that is only one part of the story. The one piece of evidence that had me shocked “I think more than anything else in the talk, and I must say I am not a supporter of the theory that the US Government carried out the September 11th attacked but this clip along with other evidence presented has made me question it more” was a clip of the BBC news reporting the collapse of Tower 7, 20 something minutes before tower 7 actually collapsed, the clip even cuts live to the reporter at the scene who states that tower 7 has collapsed while tower 7 is actually in view behind the reporter still standing! Then 20 something minutes later tower 7 collapses live on the news? The BBC has not given an explanation to this.

    A lot of the talk was regarding September 11th with various evidence regarding the conspiracy. Richard also talked about how the world banks are corrupt, how we can never get out of debt because when our money is printed it already has debt on it from the Bank of England etc. Plus an awful lot more. One thing you cannot say about Richard is that he does not know what he talks about, everything he brings up is backed up by a lot of evidence, there was a lot to digest and to get you head around. It makes you ask the question is everything you believe is wrong!

    The 2nd part of the show talked about the UFO subject. He told of a claim by an American named Dan Sherman who worked for the US military from 1982 – 1995. Dan claims is that he was trained to use a machine that enabled him to receive telepathic messages from Aliens which he has to relay to the NSA. The messages he relayed was from the Aliens regarding information on Abductees. There is a lot to this story, to much to write here so if you want more information on this case follow link below to Richards website: -


    The talk also covered how the US government has anti-gravity technology and crafts powered by this technology. He also briefly covered animal mutilations and crop circles. But this was just really a quick overview of the subject, personally I would have like more of the talk to have been on the UFO subject and less on the conspiracy theories, but that's just my personal view and I am slightly biased.

    Overall it was a very interesting talk, well worth the money. Richard came across as very professional, and had a passion for his beliefs and I really look forward to attending one of his events in the future.

    You can watch Richards TV show called richplanet on sky channel 200/201 and freesat channel 403.

    He also has his own produced DVD for sale covering a number of subjects, follow the link below for more information: -


    Once again I would like to thank Richard for a very well presented, informative talk.

  2. Budd Hopkins died on August 21st 2011, it’s a great loss to ufology and to the study of the alien abduction phenomenon.

    Budd Hopkins brought the alien abduction phenomena into the main stream with his first two books Missing Time and Intruders (if you have not read these, I highly recommend that you do), the latter book being used for the basis of the TV mini series of the same name (Intruders).

    It was this mini series which got me involved with ufology. I first saw the series around 1992/1993 when it aired on Sky One. I was around 11 years old and to be frank the idea that aliens were abducting humans and experimenting on them scared the hell out of me. But it also made me open my eyes about what could be out there.

    From watching that series it lead me to watch another TV series called sightings which also aired on Sky One, which was a show about the unexplained ranging from ghost sightings to UFOs which fuelled my hunger for knowledge on the subject.

    So in a way it is thanks to Budd Hopkins that I got involved with this subject. His book, which inspired the TV series which in turn inspired me.

    I thank you Budd for the inspiration and you will be missed.