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I am now in the process of investigating the UFO sighting on the Gower, i will of course update this page if i make any progress.



Well would you believe it, while i continue you to go through the ufo files released by the MOD i found a file which relates my birth town of Caerphilly! What a nice suprise. To see the report in full follow the link below to our face book page.




MOD Files Update

I am currently going through the released UFO files from the MOD, very slowly I might add. There is a lot of mundane information in the files that I am currently going through, but I must admit I have only gone through about 150 pages so far. Only around another 9,000 pages to go!!!

The files I am currently going through relate mainly to letters and request from various TV companies wanting the MOD to take part or comment on sightings which will be shown on various TV shows i.e. the Strange But True show. A lot of the letters are aimed at Nick Pope asking for his comments for the show or to appear on the shows in person. From the files it appears that Nick Pope does want to appear on the shows, although his enthusiasm is not always met by his superiors or his predecessor at the time.

The files I am going through seem to be around the 1994/1995 mark with a few comments regarding the Belgian UFO sightings but nothing substantial so far.

One case that was in the files that I am currently going through is the UFO sighting over the Craigluscar Reservoir on the 19th February 1994.

The sighting in brief is as follows: -

Mr Ian McPherson who is a amateur artist was at the Craigluscar Reservoir taking pictures of the area he was intending to paint. While he was engaged in this task he noticed a strange humming noise, which he describes as the sound from high voltage power lines.

When he looked up he saw a strange disc like object coming towards him. Although he had his camera in his hand he did not photograph the disc in the first instance. He describes the feeling of not being able to use the camera.

He said that the craft was in his view for about 15 minutes but as it moved away he was then able to take 2 photographs of the craft. The craft acceleration was phenomenal states Ian .

Craigluscar Reservoir Photo

Ian reported the sighting to the Scottish Daily Record who in turn wrote to Nick Pope at the MOD.

Nick spoke to Ian and Nick found him to be genuine. Nick states that this case is either a hoax or something very interesting indeed.

Ian made a drawing of the object that was sent to Nick along with the 2 photographs, although the drawing appears in the files, the 2 photographs do not.

One of the photographs I have managed to come across, Which is the photo above. If you want to see the files regarding this sighting and the drawing of the craft click on the link below.


Craigluscar Reservoir Sighting