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10th February 2016 

Just thought I'd drop you an email. Just saw something really weird at around 7pm tonight.

I was walking over the Country Park Aberdare earlier and saw a large point of light approaching from over the horizon (NW). It was slightly larger than what the ISS would look like. I thought it must be a satellite as there was no sound or any lights flashing. It appeared to be quite low in the sky (looked lower than a passenger plane) but hard to judge. The strange thing was the light seemed to fade out either it traveled in an upward trajectory or just disappeared somehow? The sky was totally clear with no light pollution or cloud cover.

Don't know what it was but really excited I saw it. First thing I did when I got home is to check where the ISS is. At the time it was near Australia so rules that out.


UFO Sighting Newport


My 2nd sighting over Newport this week was last night as I watched something travelling in a straight line very fast. It was no flashing lights, just 1 constant reddish/orange light. As I followed it a massive EXTREMELY bright white light appeared. A perfect bright white,circular flash and the UFO vanished. To me it looked like a portal of some sort.

A few days ago over Bettws,Newport I watched the Same colour light travelling in a straight line but suddenly it went left then right at incredible speed and disappeared.


8th August 2015


Hello.  Around 10pm lastnight we were sat out in the garden looking up at the sky and noticed a bright green  steady  light moving fast overhead in the direction towards caerleon.  I know that planes have flashing lights but there was no other lights apart from just a bright green ball shape light. I also know that there were a few shooting stars but this was low with no trail or engine sound. Any ideas to what it may of been? Have any other sightings of this been  reported? 




The object was round and I would say large enough to say the size of a hotair balloon probably slightly smaller but definitely a round sphere shape. I am no good with bearings but I was in st julians newport and it was moving in the direction towards Caerleon golf course way.  If that helps. North East? 


My partner noticed it at first and was lower than the flight path but at a speed faster than a helicopter much faster.  As before it was bright glowing green with no flashing lights. Some thing to be honest non of us have seen before.




UFO sighting London City Airport

4th May 2014


 UFO london



On Saturday 4th May at approximately 8h35pm I looked out of the window of my flat and saw an object with extremely luminous (far more luminous than an ordinary aircraft) bright crimson and green pulsating lights making very accelerated rapid movements across the sky and coming to a dead stop and moving again - it also made vertical movements.


It may have been about a kilometre away or maybe nearer - I think it was over city airport. It may have been 10 to 15 metres on each side but this is an estimation. Visually it was roughly the size of the moon. I could not hear any noise.


I was fascinated because I have never seen anything like it. I couldn't understand how it was able to move like that. I went to get my camera and was able to take one photo. When I removed the camera from my face it was gone. It had been moving towards the east at an incline. I think it was there for about one minute and I checked the time was 8h40 a few minutes after it had disappeared, but it could also have been visible before I saw it. I think the length of my sighting was about one minute.


This is the first time I have had this kind of experience.



Email sent to website on 13th February 2012

Sighting reported in Gower, Swansea, South Wales.


Dear friends!

My names is Maria. Probably my letter will interest you.
This January I travelled around Southern Wales and took a guided tour to the Gower. After a long walk along the costline we stopped for half an hour near a cafe.  I went walking around the small bay where surfers were swimming, and took some pictures. When I came home and showed the pictures to my family we found a strange ochre ball or balloon in the sky, though I definitely remember there wasn't any when I were taking pictures. Moreover, there is nothing in the next picture.


Gower UFO 


Email Sent to website on December 6th 2011

Sighting over Caerphilly Mountain November 5th 1993

On friday 5th november 1993, at approx 20.30 pm, i was travelling over caerphilly mountain, when i spotted in the sky approx 40feet in the air ,a round orange/red globe about 3ft in diameter. The sky was  obviously blackened and this globe stood out well. I stopped my car on the opposite side of the road and observed that it was glowing but wasn't moving in any direction, istudied this globe for sometime and wondered was i i seeing things thinking it was at first a balloon of some sort, being a mechanic and of sound mind decided this was no balloon when i pulled away in my car it stayed in the same place and i continued on my journey, i told people i met afterwards what i had seen and jokingly they said it must have been a firework i replied what 3foot in diameter and on top of a windy mountain. ANY EXPLANATION WOULD BE GRATEFULLY RECEIVED


Email Sent to website on October 8th 2011.

All information should be taken at face value and any opinions expressed do not represent the opinions of the WUFORN




I spotted the a ufo shaped object in the TV show 'the Xtra factor' last week. I happened during a scene showing a sunset in time relapse.  I would love to hear what people think of this. I have UFO experience (See below) so I'm on the look out for unusual sights in the sky and this caught my eye. I have several versions on there, some with music just to make it more interesting than listening to me clicking a mouse trying to catch a millisecond image on screen.

Hope to hear comments from you positive or negative.


MY Story..
I've saw a UFO about 1989. It was a red flare like light that stopped in the sky and jumped up, down, forward and back in rapid impossible moves. I followed it and it came to rest for 20 mins. It then changed from red to white to blue and moved away. Later that night over a marsh area it hovered in complete silence and again did the colour change from red , white to blue and dissapeared at speed over a hill. Interesting I googled the key words of my story one day and it brought up an archived newspaper clipping from the late 1800's with the same description. It's funny to think if a civilisation was years ahead that they would be meeting people in our past that had no idea of the possibility of other worlds.



Email Sent to website on October 6th 2011.

All information should be taken at face value and any opinions expressed do not represent the opinions of the WUFORN

Below mentioned event together with uncle 3 years ago but lived in the province of Kastamonu in Turkey. Until then, issues such as UFO, etc. I thought it was a product of fantasy. But that night, completely changed my views on this issue.
Together with uncle for the summer holidays when he was in the village we live together as the event grew out of the village for a night walk 2-3 km away from the village had gone together, while the other stars in the northwest to us, but we saw a little something different to each other without talking about it.

I continued to walk about 30 minutes later, he began to approach us and the light was growing at the same time, we got closer we saw about 300 meters away from the ground up to 10 meters

100 meters in diameter, which rose slightly after the body was in that area for a few seconds (50 meters up) and came to us with our full body movements that I was moving without making a sound like a plane or helicopter that is moving and suddenly I realized it was like running out there.
He waited a second or two above us, by the way my head, eyeing him curiously, then turned at an angle of 180 degrees, including the fear created by the hand reflexively go rifle hunting was carried with me, but my opinion is currently recording an object.

Direction in front of me was going to be my uncle.
Loss of a hill behind my back had gone to a full-time.
Perhaps these events happened within a few seconds, but for us when he took a longer way if it was quite slow.
Description of the location of this event on Google Earth and the observed object
We have seen a similar object was colored, the colors do not remember the full round of nested rings and spots, formed a wide variety of colors. I can not remember exactly similar to the colors in the picture below ..


Event Location: Turkey Kastamonu Andýraz
Event date / time: 23-24 hours between July 2008
Eyewitnesses: Halit Çilek (uncle)
Event, which is the subject of the object shape: two nested rings, and also very lively in the rings may be shaped in a symmetrical small scarlet spots I had a very round.

Shared not cause this issue until now?
Around us shared our own in this matter. But when he shared not result in a larger environment, am annoyed with myself right now.

May be a situation like this, it would be such a thing again. In my hand than I thought I will better express myself clearly displays information occurs. Can not think of any share in this state will contribute. In this time, news media reported, Dogg Akdoðan UFO Nasa releases and publications on our observations be explained by any natural event helped me to admit to myself. For 3 years have passed since the formation of this consciousness, all events in a corner of my mind, always felt uncomfortable with, I believe that a serious information I 've salt in soup is probably no longer think that reproduces as you share information.


Without evidence to believe that science is already against the spirit of scientific events, unconditional, and if
such invention would perform a lot of humanity, technology and science could not come to this level.
In fact, I can not believe I live event sounds like the only logical explanation for the unidentified flying object,
of course, hear the evidence without such a thing from someone like you would not believe me. I witnessed one of those, 46 years old, college graduate, computer programmer I have my own job. Other people who have witnessed the 55 year-old uncle, who live in the village primary school education, farming is one constant. Will make a serious scientific research about this event I would like to refer to an institution Have.Welcome everyone interested to write a guestbook of this opinion.

Have Do not have a single goal of this event, the emergence of a scientific explanation, what we experienced in the

future or even close to what the human face, or a technology in a world where we do not know here?

What can be done to me I write, respectively.
Things to do to people:
1) Observation of two people who cross the query, the lie machine, a sworn statement, both of us separately, the
discovery of the crime scene.
2) be done through hypnosis to sleep for this event, perhaps a subconscious interrogation Have any other information
that is currently overlooked, removable, or other scientific methods at the moment I had not thought
3) above us that the process imposed on us radyosyon damage left by magnetic fields, etc., or any other helpful was
harmful radiation? Things to do on-site Event:
1) much closer at the ground observations (5 Senses we have made using the buds, but not enough), it's involvement
there is another technique using the method of the magnetic field, radiation measurement, comparison of the values in that region in different locations.
2) Here we do not know, but that would work for their great energy, a mineral that may be converted to fuel type to
something like a detector or is there something more powerful search tools to use mine.
3) examination of the area of
biological diversity in the presence of a different species, I think a lot of time to pass through the trials of this event is a challenge, but still I think that tips can be found.

I am ready for cooperation with all kinds of scientific research is actually coming to my mind these are my first.